Notice: If you were issued a Chinese visa prior to March 2022 your visa may still be valid.

  • Check the validity of your visa - China has reinstated visas issued prior to March 2022
  • If you hold a valid visa in an expired passport you may use that visa and your new passport to enter China- both passport must be presented.
  • If your name has changed and your visa no longer matches your new passport, your visa is invalid and you must apply for a new one.

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The article below provides important information about travel to China. For comprehensive Visa Application instructions, please see the specific Visa Requirements page for your Visa Type (business, tourist, etc). Our step-by-step instructions guide you through the process. We guarantee the accuracy of your application and expedite it with the appropriate Consulate. Our team is here to help with online chat, phone & email support.

Chinese Tourist Visa

The Chinese Tourist visa (L) is issued at the Consulate’s discretion. The tourist visa is generally valid for 10 years allowing for multiple entries for U.S. Citizens. Foreign nationals are generally able to apply for a single entry visa, valid for 3 months with a maximum duration of stay of up to 30 days.

Citizens of Canada and Brazil may apply for a visa with a longer validity.

The tourist visa is typically issued for  vacation, site-seeing, visiting friends/family, or leisure.

Duration of stay:

A maximum duration of stay for a multiple entry visa is 60 days. You may request a higher duration of stay of 90 or 180 days per visit, however this will be approved at the consulate’s discretion. We cannot guarantee that the consulate will honor your request.

NOTE: Single entry visas only allow for a max duration of stay of 30 days.

Consular Fees*:

US Citizens

Brazilian Citizens

Canadian Citizens

Other Citizenships

$140.00 Regular processing

$140.00 Regular processing

$90.00 Regular processing

$30.00 - $90.00 Regular processing

$165.00 Rush processing

$165.00 Rush processing

$115.00 Rush Processing

$55.00 - $115.00 Rush Processing

*Please note that the fees above do not include our service fee nor shipping.

**Consular fees are subject to change without notice

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